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Food and Drink Shoot at Brixton Seven

We had a really great shoot at Cocktail and Tapas bar Brixton Seven this week. Sitting in the heart of Brixton Market, Seven has a beautifully photogenic interior that made my job both easy and enjoyable. To match the atmosphere, colour and food  of the bar we shot with both flash and red heads. This allowed us to capture the complex tones in the wood and slate flooring and hopefully gave real impact to the imagery.
By Stefan Johnson

01_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled 02_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled 03_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled 04_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled 05_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled 06_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled 07_Brixton_Seven_08.13_Pixeled