Food & Drink

Brixton Salon Shoot

We had an enjoyable shoot at a great little restaurant in Brixton Market this friday. Salon, which has been serving seasonal and inventive contemporary British food for the past nine months, has a charming and intimate dining room that sits comfortably next to an open kitchen. The decor is rustic but very well considered in its modesty and is therefor perfect for photographers.

The food we shot included Mackeral and Pickled Elderberry, Butternut Squash and Hazelenuts and Girolles, Fried eggs and Lardo.07_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled

01_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled 02_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled 03_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled 04_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled 05_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled 06_Brixton_Salon_09.13_Pixeled